Tom McCall Waterfront + Powells Books Senior Session

The beautiful Cynthia is graduating with her Masters this spring. She has worked extremely hard to earn a double major and minor. What! I know. Talk about hard work.

Cynthia loves all things books and Harry Potter. She was more than excited to throw on her Hufflepuff sweater for our time at Powell's book store, as she delved into some fiction novels and sipped some coffee.

I ended up having us meet what felt like a mile south of where the cherry blossoms were on the waterfront, BUT WE MADE IT. We enjoyed the walk together. There was a lovely group of vibrant dancers with blaring music carrying signs that said, "DANCE WITH US" during our session. Have I mentioned that I love Portland?

Part of my favorite things when it comes to portrait photography is getting to know my clients and customizing each session to their personality. Loved working with you, Cynthia!