Newborn Session || Studio + Outdoor

I was extremely honored with Alexis chose me to be her photographer.

She wanted to have some sweet and precious images captured of her little 6 week baby, Arwyn. She knew she wanted a spring theme - I mentioned the possibility of having baby chicks and she was all over that. 

I gathered a mass of sweet Easter and spring props, some baby chicks, and prepared my little studio set up. Alexis also made a request to do an image with her back tattoo, which is a beautiful piece of art displaying a cherry blossom.

I suggested we could go to a park where there were cherry blossoms for that portion, if she was open to the idea. She was!

After I first thought her daughter was 6 months old, then 4 weeks old, she finally helped me realize her baby was 6 WEEKS OLD. She had so much grace for me and my brain!

I always ask moms if they want me to remove their stretch marks. Most do. When I asked Alexis, I had a feeling she might let me leave them -- I am one of those people who love marks of love like stretch marks. Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, but instead something to find beauty in and celebrate. They reveal the sacrifice of a body, making room for another to grow within. They reveal selflessness and love. The reveal strength. Stretch marks are the privilege sort of scar.

We had so much fun. Here are a few of my favorites.