Foster Family Love // Mother's Day + Father's Day + Anniversary + Birthday Celebration

Sometimes you just smoosh all the celebrating into one session, you know?

This family is made up of my very most favorite kind of people. The kind that love big and hurt deep and are on this life-adventure with us. 

They love justice and hate brokenness. 

They chose to grow their family through foster care and all the trauma, aches, and pains the decision incites.

They choose love over and over again, at the sacrifice of their very own selves.

I had the honor of doing a session with them in celebration of: Mother's Day, Father's Day, their 5th anniversary, and Lacey's birthday.

Due to the nature of foster care, I cannot post images of their [foster] daughter's face. So we got creative. Here are a few of my very favorite shots from our session at Altamont Park, overlooking Portland.