Newborn Hospital

Sweetest little Alice ♥ 

Less than a month ago little Alice was welcomed into our big crazy world by her joyful expectant parents. Their pregnancy and delivery were considered normal/healthy.

Within 24 hours of birth they noticed some discoloring + a bulge on her head at which point they persisted she be checked out.

In a matter of moments their blissful first hours together became a whirlwind of traumatic events:

her brain was hemorrhaging so they took her in for emergency brain surgery, which led to two strokes + cardiac arrest and more.

When I visited them in the hospital, she was 9 days old and doing much better. She was stabilizing. She is beautiful.

They are now back home in Roseburg.

Sometimes we like to remind people walking through suffering and trauma to be grateful for this and for that... these parents experienced that. "At least she's alive," "just be thankful she made it." And to that I exclaim: YES OF COURSE! Praise Jesus she is alive.

But also tragedy and suffering demand to be grieved and mourned. It's okay to acknowledge how painful this is. It's okay to both be sorrow filled and grateful -- being honest about pain doesn't negate our gratitude.

Here are a few of my favorite from my hospital visit.