Lifestyle Newborn in Vancouver, WA

The thing about the Johnsons is that they are real

I had the absolute honor of documenting their maternity session, working with them to create heirlooms of photographs. I imagine those photographs printed and hanging in their home for years and years to come. I imagined the baby girl in their womb growing up, passing by those photographs each day and seeing her parent's love for one another, framed for eternity.

Just as I imagined that baby girl seeing her parent's love for one another and her in her mama's womb, I imagine them hanging these photographs in their home as well. Again, day by day and year by year, I imagine baby Aivy to see these moments captured seeping through ink of printed moments.

I imagine Aivy growing up, maybe having a family, and her children seeing the love.

What a legacy of love photographs can leave.

Here are a few of my favorites from our lifestyle newborn session in the Johnson's home: