Group Family Session at Peninsula Park

When the end of the year begins to approach, I am always blown away at the countless families willing to brave the cold and do group family sessions. Because of the holidays, many people have flown from across the nation; this happens seldom, so it is prime time to get everyone together to get some professional photos done together.

This session was booked about two or three months in advance. A week before this session I found myself in the Pediatric ICU with one of my sons; by the time the session arrived, our family was back home and settling into routine but I was still quite a mess and didn't feel as though I would be able to serve this family the way they deserved to be served.

After calling around the morning of the session to find a professional photographer who was up for a last minute group session, I asked Grace and Bre if they would be okay with another photographer stepping in for the in camera portion and I take over the editing portion. They agreed and were okay with the change, so gracious with me!

This family is absolutely gorgeous, lovely, generous, and kind. They love Jesus a whole lot and love all the people He created. It's such a joy to know them. 

All that said, here are a few of my favorites from this sweet session: