Adoption Hearing

Two years + a few weeks ago, my husband and I stood in court holding our brand new 9 day old son—I was also 20 weeks pregnant. We stood there and we placed our hand over a bible and over our hearts, the judge asked us if we were committed to our son as though we had biologically birthed him. This day is forever marked in my memory with many feelings and experiences confronting one another...but one of my greatest disappointments is that I didn't hire a photographer to document the moments. (I write about adoption here).


When my dear friends—the B family—shared with our foster and adoptive community that their official court hearing to finalize their adoption was coming up, I eagerly offered myself as a friendtographer to document their family day.

I know what a tragically beautiful day this is. It hold both immense loss and grief and never agains...but also the assurance of permanency and the stability of confidence. SO much love and family, two families merging into one through the broken necessity of adoption.

Here are just a few of my favorite snap shots from their day: