Warner Pacific University Black Males

Michelle. She's one of those people you just need to be friends with, you know? She is both fierce and gentle, kind and funny, snarky and sassy but only in the very best way. If you haven't heard her sing, my word you're missing out. 

I am constantly trying to find ways to use my photography in ways that are outside of the box. I want to make my life count, and part of that is using everything I am to serve this world through the lens of social and racial justice. 

When Michelle reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in participating in their African American Men of Warner Pacific Day, I couldn't say yes quick enough. 

In honor of Dr King's birthday, Michelle put together a four hour event at Warner Pacific University, in honor of black males. They spent the four hours in community, reflecting on the words and actions of black men who have paved trails before them. 

The event was truly sacred to witness. 

Here are a few from the group portraits we did together: