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HI! I’m Natalie.

I’m based in portland, Oregon
specializing in
wedding +
interracial family +

lularoe consultant branding photo, portland oregon, natalie kristeen photography


can be a vulnerable experiences but definitely shouldn’t have to be!

It is my mission as a photographer to create a completely safe space so not a single soul feels uncomfortable in front of my camera.

When you work with me you get to relax, breathe deeply, and let me take care of how you position your body. AND you will laugh. You will laugh and feel free and know you are beautiful and seen just as you are.

Photography should be about creating space for each individual to be captured in their essence.


Couples + wedding PHOTOGRAPHY to me

is more than just taking pictures AND is a really, really big deal.

After the knot has been tied, the kiss has been kissed, the dances have been danced…photographs are the tangible piece of this sacred day that will last forever.

I don’t take this lightly.

When I am chosen as a wedding photographer, I document the array of emotions + rawness on your wedding day. I capture candid moments, details in the decor and design, and formal photographs of family, friends, and wedding party. My careful attention to lighting and composition makes your images timeless.

I thrive in natural light. My editing style is natural, bright, and airy when possible. Previously a wedding coordinator, I bring my many professional experiences into serving you along with my peaceful yet assertive personality. It’s kind of amazing.

I get giddy when I am chosen and see photography as the best way to preserve your love in the genuine, pure state that it is, for generations to come.

I imagine forty or fifty years from now — as you age and your story continues on, and you become grandparents — you can open up your photo albums and show your grandchildren or children your raw, unfiltered, crazy and un-phased love. I mean how cool is that?!

Can you imagine looking at a photograph full of vibrancy, color, and life and feel the love shared in the frozen-moment radiate from` the image?


branding photography to me

is more than simply taking head shots in front of a plain background.

Branding photography is one of my favorites because it is capturing the essence of your WHY behind your brand. It is the (often missing) opportunity to level-up your brand + business and connect with your ideal client. It reveals the very best parts about your business…the very thing no one else can touch: you you YOU! It is one of the most successful ways to grow your business AND IT IS A BLAST.

Whether you’re a chef, a Lularoe consultant, a Young Living genius, a Senegence queen, a children’s clothing designer, an author, a speaker, a photographer… whatever your business is, personal branding is for YOU. It shows off your personality, amplifying your know—like—trust factor with potential clients. You use them on your website, your social media, and any other marketing platforms.

You leave with months worth of social media imagery and it is the investment you will never regret!


MY mission