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I am

natalie kristeen brenner, portland photographer

A wedding and branding photographer living in the gorgeous pacific northwest, who travels from valleys and vineyards to beaches and mountains to photograph personal brands and real life love stories.

If you’ve been around awhile, you’ll know I started my photography business in 2014 as Brenner Bunch Photography…partnering with my doula business. It quickly expanded from maternity + birth photography into All Things Photography and I spent years doing every single kind of photography.

I have LOVED growing this brand and this business.

I am mama to two sweet boys not even five months apart, by blood and love—one of my sons joined my family through adoption while the other came shortly after through my body. I was a foster parent for about a year and a half. I really believe we all need each other, and our community’s kids are all our kids — they’ve changed and transformed me more than they’ll ever know.

My favorite weekends have a mixture of riding bikes to the park and wedding-ing. I gasp and cry and jump up and down and am the basic lover of love.

Currently my home is Portland, Oregon. I am a writer and author — I say I am no stranger to grief or gratitude and that couldn’t be more true.

Life is fleeting and I don't want any of us forgetting to create tangible pieces of our love to leave as a legacy. Those real life moments of tears and joy, memories to be remembered? They are valuable and worth documenting.

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